Costco Cod Du Tartar

Recipe contributed by Arne Voie, LERA treasurer
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Costco Cod Du Tartar

Difficulty: Beginner Prep Time 5 mins Cook Time 15 mins Rest Time 5 mins Total Time 25 mins
Best Season: Suitable throughout the year


This is intended for people with very limited cooking skills or time. Suitable for a quick and delicious weeknight dinner.

What you will need


    • Turn on oven, set to 350F
    • Place the cod in a baking dish about the size of the cod. (Important: thaw the cod first!)
    • Spread tartar sauce over the fish, like frosting on a cake.
    • Sprinkle paprika over the tartar sauce.
    • When the oven beeps indicating it's hot, put the fish dish on a rack inside.
    • Wait maybe 15 minutes, remove, let sit for about 5 minutes and enjoy!
    • If you really want to be fancy, chop some celery and put that on before placing in the oven.
    Vaer so god!
Keywords: Cod, Dinner, Main Course, Fish
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